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Where is the Beginning of a Circle?

Date Published: June 20, 2018
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

Life is like a drawing of circles, sometimes. Each one intertwined with the next, beginning where we are and ending where we began, somehow changed. Today’s story gives children the opportunity to explore that idea, as we draw a picture together.


You will need a large drawing pad or whiteboard/chalkboard, and a marker or chalk. You can draw the picture in all black, but it is a little more inviting when it’s finished, if you use sever different colored markers.

See the accompanying picture to see the drawing you will make.


I have a circle here.  Can you tell me where the beginning of it is? Well, what if we pick a beginning? How about here. Now, where is the end of this circle?

Well, the end has to be right back where we started, right? Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a circle, it would just be curve, like this. Of course we could pick anywhere on the circle and do the same thing and as long as we came back to where we started, it would make a complete circle.

If the beginning and the end of a circle are the same, why can’t we just stay where we are? We could just say, “Well, I’m at the end already, why bother?” Because, then we’d just have a dot, like this.

What would happen if we said I want the beginning over here and the end waaaaay over here, but I don’t want to do the part in between? Well, then we’d have two dots, not a circle.

We could make a different beginning and end and do a part in between I guess, like this, but then it just makes a straight line, not a circle.

Circles are important. They connect in a way that no other shape can - like a great big hug from your favorite person (show a circle with your arms, like you are hugging someone). Our experiments with this circle created a picture, didn’t it? Who do you think this is? [Take some ideas from the children. There is no one right answer.]

So it looks like the answer to my question “Where is the beginning of a circle?” is “Wherever you want it to be.” The important thing is to pick a beginning.

Let Us Pray…

Kind and loving father, thank you for circles and the connections they make in our lives. Help us to choose good beginnings for the things we want to do and then guide us back home, when our journeys end. We trust in your care. Amen.