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Messy Room

Date Published: March 27, 2020
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

The world is a messy place. At times, from our earthly perspective, it looks like there aren’t any solutions to all of the problems that happen to us and the people around us, but God has a much bigger perspective. If we could see with His eyes, we would not worry so much. Instead, we should trust that God loves us enough to use his grand perspective to work all things for the good.


If possible, bring some of the toys mentioned in this story or change the story to match toys you have access to. Messages stick in our minds better when we experience them with as many senses as possible.


How many of you have ever been in trouble for having a messy room? My son almost got in trouble the other day for having a messy room. I started to walk into his bedroom and I couldn’t. I could take one step and that was all. The floor was covered with cars and trucks and Legostm and dinosaurs and super heroes and race tracks…it was ridiculous! I needed to get to the other side of his room to put some laundry away, so I tried to pick my way across the floor and I lost my balance and twisted my foot, when I stepped on a truck. Down I went! Laundry went everywhere. I landed on a Lego set and hurt my tailbone.

After that, I felt like getting mad! I thought there couldn’t possibly be a reason my son needed to get out EVERY toy in his room, while he was playing. He should have cleaned it up before he went to play with his friend. But as I sat there in the middle of the toys, waiting for my foot to stop throbbing, I started to look around the room more closely.

Do you know what I saw? I saw a little world, right inside my son’s bedroom. It was like I had been transported to another planet. I saw a giant robot helping a little boy escape from the mouth of a dinosaur. I saw Iron Man keeping a car from falling into a Lego canyon about 5 times the size of the car and next to that, there was a Transformer fighting a dragon, who was about to set Goldilock’s hair on fire. I saw 4 cars ready to race for the big gold plastic cup at the bottom of their race track and a farmer giving a ride to his son on his tractor, as they drove to the Lego science lab. At the science lab, there was a wizard teaching 4 children how to make a tornado, which had unfortunately gotten out of hand and was destroying the Batcave right next door. A fireman was on the scene helping all of the villains get out of the basement jail and an emergency technician was loading the villains into his ambulance to go to the hospital under the bed, where a horse Dr. and his 6 pig assistants were waiting to greet them and help them get bandaged up. Next door to that, an enormous stuffed animal was having a hamburger with a tiny plastic football player from a McDonald’s Happy Meal and I don’t think they even noticed they were different sizes from each other. It was amazing.

The more I looked, the more I saw – and it was all about people helping each other. There were some bad things happening, but the heroes were saving the good guys from disaster and

ordinary beings were achieving great things that you never thought imaginable. I got to thinking, “I wonder if this is kind of how God sees our world?”

See, God sees the big picture of our world, not just one section of it at a time, like we do. He sees things going on yesterday and tomorrow; and events that are happening in London, England; Beijing, China; Sydney, Australia, and Washington D.C. all at the same time. The word for that aspect of God is “omnipresent”. Not only did God create our world, but He understands every little detail of it. He sees when someone breaks a sister’s favorite toy by accident and He knows they didn’t mean it. He sees when someone does a good deed, but doesn’t tell anyone about it. He sees and understands all the good and the bad in the whole wide world.

God doesn’t want us to feel alone or afraid. He is always with you. He sees you and He understands you. Even better than that – He loves you, as His child. You can call on Him for help any time and just like a kid in the middle of his messy room, God knows right where each toy is and what is happening to them and what would be best for them to do next.

Let Us Pray...

God, we often think of you as a Father figure, but you are so much more than that! You can be everywhere at once and you understand so much more than any of us ever could. Thank you for caring so much about us and taking good care of us, with the big, omnipresent perspective you have of the world. In Jesus’ loving name we pray, Amen.