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Growing In Christ

Date Published: October 4, 2018
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

There are lots of things that help us grow throughout our lifetimes, but to grow in the right way, we must stay connected to the true vine of Christ. No other type of vine will sustain us through the difficult times we face from time to time.


- Read John 15:5

- Bring a pumpkin


It’s fall again, that means multi-colored trees, cool days and one of the my favorite vegetables - pumpkins! Have any of you gone to a pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins?

Our lives can be compared to the life of a pumpkin. We are planted in the spring and harvested late in the season, not like a lot of plants that finish in the summer. We take the whole growing season to become what we were meant to be. We get big and bright and can be used in lots of different ways.

+ Pumpkins like all plants that grow on vines have a stem where they are connected to the vine. That’s like our relationships with each other, here at church, and the time we spend in prayer, talking with God. It can also be time spent in the Bible, learning what the people who have gone before us have learned from God.

+ Pumpkins have seeds and lots of goop inside that tastes sweet and rich, especially when you bake it in a pie or bread. That’s like the spirit inside us that guides us to do thoughtful things, share our talents with others and be kind to our friends and family.

+ The bright orange color looks so welcoming and happy against the background of all of the plants that are going to sleep for the winter and the crops that have been cut down. It’s like the light that shines from us when we have the right attitude toward others and when we share the love of Christ with them.

There are many plants that grow on vines. Lots of good things to eat are planted from seeds. But, not all plants grow the same way. As Christians, we need to make sure we stay connected to the one true vine. The vine of Christ.

Unlike some vines that grow wild and take over areas where they aren’t meant to be, we are planted on purpose and carefully nurtured to be loving, serving people, who are harvested late into the fall and who don’t stop growing, our whole lives.

We all have seeds that we can share with others and that will grow other plants, if planted in the right way. Some of our seeds (of wisdom, of experience, of understanding) can be roasted and eaten just like candy. It is important to share who we are and what we know with others.

Let us pray…

Lord help us stay connected to the vine of Christ our whole lives, reaching out to others to offer the same gift of connection and help us grow closer to you. In your name we pray. Amen.