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God's House

Date Published: June 27, 2018
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

We often call the church “God’s House”. Since there are lots of different types of churches and different ways to worship, it can sometimes be hard to understand how all of the places where we meet are “God’s House”. This lesson explores what that phrase can mean to us as we come to worship each Sunday.


Bring pictures of different churches and/or pictures of different houses.


I have some pictures with me today. Some of them are pictures of houses in my neighborhood. This one is made of brick and this one has siding, but it has a porch and the other one doesn’t. I also brought a couple of pictures of churches that are near me. This one has a big roof over the entrance, so cars can pull up and drop people off. This other one has a large parking lot and wide double-doors for the people to walk in.

The church is sometimes called “God’s House”. It’s like the place He hosts us when we all come to visit as one body of believer’s. When you get invited to someone else’s house, is there anything special you do to get ready to come?

When you get there, how do you behave - better or worse than you do at home? What kinds of things do you do at other people’s houses? Maybe - talk, say please and thank you, eat, play, laugh, drink, share? Do we do some of the same things when we come to church?

There are lots of different types of churches. Just like there are lots of different types of houses. There are even differences in the things that go on inside those churches, just like there are different things that happen inside our houses. Some churches have a band with drums and guitars. Other churches sing all of their songs with an organ. Still others, like ours do both. The same important things happen in all of God’s houses, though. His people come to worship Him.

We don’t have to come to ‘God’s House’ to talk to Him or play with Him or share about our day, but He likes to host us and have our full attention, while we’re here. He is with us all the time, but once a week, He wants it to just be for Him. He loves us that much. So, we come here, to show Him how much we love Him back. Let’s tell Him right now…

Let Us Pray…

Lord, thank you for inviting us to your house each week, where we can be focused on you and nothing else. Thank you for the love and guidance you give us all the time, even when we are in our own houses. Help us to remember why we are here each time we come. In your name we pray. Amen.