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Floating vs. Flying

Date Published: September 7, 2018
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

There are lots of ways to approach situations in your life. This lesson compares the acts of floating and flying to guide children in thinking about how they want to approach their own lives and where God could fit into the way they make decisions.


Sometimes it helps kids to remember what you talked about, if they see it written down. If you’d like, bring a pad, white board or use a computer and you’re sanctuary screens to capture  the characteristics of floating and flying that you and the kids discuss. Make sure you keep the list short, so you don’t run over time.


The other day, I was watching all of the birds and butterflies around my house and it was fascinating. Have you ever watched a bird or a butterfly or other type of bug fly? You can see their wings work and see how they go higher or lower, faster or slower. They take advantage of the wind and use it to move them along. Sometimes their movements seem effortless as they dip and soar. Wouldn’t it be great to fly like that?

Then I saw a leaf floating through the air. It was beautiful too. It didn’t look like it had a care in the world. As it drifted toward the ground, a breeze caught it and lifted it up again. It took a long time to reach the ground.

Floating and flying are different in lots of ways, aren’t they? The first difference I notice is that floating is effortless. You just drift along wherever the air takes you. Flying on the other hand, takes effort. You have to flap your wings and steer with them to make you go the right direction. What ways can you think of? [Following are some ides for differences you can talk about.]





Travel on the wind

Need strong muscles, food or fuel, skill

No worries - you can go up and down without even trying. You don’t need to steer or plan.

You have to decide where you are going, how to get there, plot a course.

You have no control over anything that happens to you.

You can choose where you are going, how you will get there and most of the time when.

What if the wind stops blowing?

What if you are too tired to go anymore?


Which do you think you would like best? Why? Does it matter that you have a choice in what happens in your life? Would it bother you if you had no control over anything that happens to you? Would it be nice to not have any worries?

There isn’t one right answer to any of these questions. There needs to be a balance. God gives us lots of choices for how we want to live our lives. He is interested in us and what we think and feel. At the same time, He offers to take away our worries any time we ask. If we let Him be in charge of things, we know someone we trust will make good plans for us.

Let Us Pray…

Lord, help us to approach decisions in our lives with trust in you. Make us responsible and patient, while we learn how you are moving in our lives. In your name we pray, Amen.