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Fact or Fiction?

Date Published: March 30, 2020
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

We are all unique and have different likes and dislikes, but all of us like a good story. No matter what type of reading you like to do, the Bible has a story written in a style that suits you.  


Bring one non-fiction children’s book, one fiction children’s book and a Bible.

The Story

Do you enjoy reading fiction or non-fiction books? All of you know the difference between fiction and non-fiction, right? I brought an example of each with me today. This fiction book is a made up story that happened in the authors imagination. The non-fiction book I brought with me is a biography about a real person who lived a long time ago. Both of them are really good stories.

I like both kinds of books, but I think fiction is my favorite. I love getting lost in a good story about characters that are having adventures or who may remind me of someone I already know and hearing how they handle situations and what they feel. My son on the other hand, likes to know the facts of the world. Even if he is reading about something that is imaginary, like super heroes or his favorite TV show, he wants to know all of the characters’ names, what their powers are, where they come from, how many horns they have, etc. He loves to read encyclopedias or “Everything you need to know about” books.

No matter which type of book you like, God has written a story for you.  Did you know that the Bible is not just one book? It is made up of lots of different books. Some of them are poetry books, like the Psalms. Some of them are like instruction or philosophy books, such as Ecclesiastes or Proverbs. Some books are history books - they tell the facts of what actually happened to real people a long time ago, like 1st & 2nd Kings or Esther or Exodus. Some books in the Bible have more than one story in them and part of it is fact and the other part is fiction, like the Gospels. They have the story of Jesus’ life and the people he knew and worked with, but inside those books, Jesus is telling stories called parables. Those stories are fictional stories that teach a lesson.

God understands that we all hear him in different ways. He also understands that we all like different types of stories. So, He spoke through lots of different people over the ages, in order to tell His stories in the ways we hear them best.

Let us pray…

Lord thank you for speaking to us through the writers of the Bible. Help us to understand what we read and to find real and practical ways to apply it to our everyday lives. In your name we pray, Amen.