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'Zip Lines'

Being Brave

Date Published: May 31, 2017
Published By: Kate Finney

Get Yourself Focused

Being brave is not the same as being fearless.  Everyone is afraid of something.  Bravery is doing something, while you are still afraid. Put your trust in God and you can do things that scare you.


You can choose a time in your life when you were scared to do something, but did it anyway. Zip-lining is my story, but you can make it your own.


Have any of you ever been zip-lining?  Did you like it?  A few months ago, I decided to go zip-lining, to face my fear of heights and conquer it…instead, I got a big surprise.  Let me tell you about it.

I signed up to go with a couple of friends to do a 10-line course.  I thought if I did it a bunch of times in a row, I wouldn’t be afraid anymore.  Each line was a little bit harder than the one before and there were 3 bridges that dangled over the trees that we had to cross to get to some of the lines.  I prayed to God and asked him to help me not be scared. I told Him that I trusted everything was in His hands and that I knew He would take care of me.

It was 60 degrees and raining that day. Those were miserable conditions to go zip-lining! As the day went on, it rained harder and harder making the lines wet and faster than usual.  The wood tree stands, where we stopped in between the lines, were wet and slippery and the breeze blew the stands back and forth a little, as we stood on them.

Every time I jumped off and zipped down a line, I trusted God would take care of me, but I was still terrified. I didn’t understand why. That evening, as I was thinking about my day, I remembered what a wise person told me once, “Bravery is not being fearless.  Bravery is doing something while you are still afraid.”

There are lots of stories of people being brave in the Bible.  David killed a giant; Noah and his family survived a storm in an ark with a bunch of animals; Peter and James left their jobs as fishermen and followed Jesus when they had only just met Him; Daniel went into the lion’s den and came out unharmed.  They were all ordinary people just like you and me. They just decided to trust that God would take care of them and took a leap of faith.

I went zip-lining to conquer my fear of heights.  What I learned is that I can’t.  I will always be scared of heights, but I can go zip-lining and do all sorts of other things that terrify me, because I trust God.  My big surprise is that I am brave! You are brave too. All you need to do is trust God and you will be able to do things that scare you.

Let Us Pray...

God, thank you for making us brave, even when we are unsure or afraid. Help us to trust you in everything we do and to look to you for guidance in all things. In your name we pray. Amen.

Thanks to White River Zip Lines for the great learning experience!

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