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Worship with kids should be wholehearted, adventurous and fun! The worship stories on this blog were designed to make preparation for Sunday morning simple, so you can put all of your energy into the actual adventure of leading kid's worship. Each lesson speaks to multiple ages, takes 15-20 minutes to prepare and uses props that can be found around your house.

Keep in mind, these stories are written the way the writer would tell them. Like all good stories, these were meant to evolve as they are told, so don't feel like you have to share exactly what is on the screen. We all have unique perspectives on life that can speak to children. Share yours!

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This lesson compares the acts of floating and flying to guide children in thinking about how they want to approach their own lives and where God could fit into the way they make decisions.
Each person has their own unique personality and gifts. God calls us to be the light of the world, but He doesn’t plan for us to all do it the same way. We need to learn what kind of light we are and then work to be the best type of that light we can be.
Forgiveness can be tricky. In many ways, we are still learning how to do it, as adults. It is important for children to understand how to forgive others, but an even harder skill to master, is how to ask forgiveness for yourself. The key is to remember…
Lots of activities we did as children taught us lessons that we still use as grown-ups. Many of them were activities we enjoyed and didn’t even realize we were learning something at the same time.
Sometimes we spend so much time focused on what we are going to be and what we are going to do, that we forget to work on who we are going to be.
You’ve heard the saying “You Can’t Take It With You”. This story turns that idea around. The things you truly need are things you can take with you. It's up to you to 'pack' them ahead of time and decide to bring them along.
Have you ever walked into a dark room and tried to get to the other side, without turning the lights on? It’s not easy, is it? You don’t always know what’s in front of you. You could walk into something and hurt yourself or step on a toy and break it.…
We often call the church “God’s House”. Since there are lots of different types of churches and different ways to worship, it can sometimes be hard to understand how all of the places where we meet are “God’s House”. This lesson explores what that phrase…
At some point in your life, things are going to go wrong. When that happens, where will you go? What will you do? How will you find the people who are important to you and make sure they are safe? Rather than worrying about these things, we can make a…
Life is like a drawing of circles, sometimes. Each one intertwined with the next, beginning where we are and ending where we began, somehow changed. Today’s story gives children the opportunity to explore that idea, as we draw a picture together.
Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life. Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you. Isaiah 43:4-5
God tells us several times, in the Bible, not to judge other humans. We are to leave that up to Him. He has the big picture. We don’t. There are lots of situations that we don’t understand in our human view. Even when someone’s intentions are not pure, we…
There are lots of good activities to choose from when deciding what to do with your week. What makes church different? Why is it so important to go?
Our lives are filled with so many opportunities to do wonderful things, that sometimes we forget it is better to choose a few things wisely, than to do everything we are offered. While we are busy climbing and striving, it is important not to get…
We are all unique and have different likes and dislikes, but all of us like a good story. No matter what type of reading you like to do, the Bible has a story written in a style that suits you.
This lesson invites kids to look outside themselves and behave in a way that reaches out to others, rather than trying to have our own way. A lesson that adults sometimes need to hear, as well as children.
Each action we take has an intent behind it. Our intentions are just as important - often more im-portant - than the actual actions themselves. They are what make the difference between living our lives the way we were meant to and just appearing to live…
The Bible is a book written by, about, and for people. God intends for us to get to know ourselves better, and Him, by connecting with those people and using their examples (good and bad) to be a good friend to all of the people we know in our own lives.
Children have a lot to learn in their lifetimes, but it is never too early to begin to teach others what they do know. At times, children will know more than even the adults around them, just as Jesus did in the temple, when he was 12. All of us have…
All of us have giants in our lives that try to intimidate us with big voices and large weapons. We don’t have to be big and strong to defeat them, though. We just have to have great hearts and a good relationship with God.