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Children's stories for Sunday morning worship


These articles are meant for encouragement and some personal reflection as you prepare to worship with the kids in your life. Share your experience and expertise with us. Connect on Facebook or through email kate@worshipwithkids.com.

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Children’s ministry is less about presenting worship experiences and teaching lessons, than it is about sharing our experience with Christ and giving kids a way to understand their own relationship with God.
Whether the story ends with “they lived happily ever after” or “that’s the whole truth, nothing, but the truth, so help me, God”, stories come alive as they are being told and they can have a powerful affect on us.
Let’s face it, there is a lot of excitement and fun to compete with in the world. Kids (and their parents) choose from all sorts of good, positive, quality experiences throughout the week: school activities, travel sports, art classes, music lessons,…