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Children’s ministry is less about presenting worship experiences and teaching lessons, than it is about sharing our experience with Christ and giving kids a way to understand their own relationship with God.
5 Ways for Shy People to Evangelize | Not everyone is outgoing and comfortable talking with others about their Christian experience. Some people are not comfortable talking with others at all. Just because you are shy does not mean you can’t evangelize,…
Our relationship with God begins when we are children. Understanding who we are, why we’re here, how we handle situations and relationships with other people begins when we are children. There are lots of places to learn how to survive in life, but the…
There is a reason that thousands of years later, we are still teaching and connecting with stories that Jesus told. As storytellers of today, what can we learn from him?
Whether the story ends with “they lived happily ever after” or “that’s the whole truth, nothing, but the truth, so help me, God”, stories come alive as they are being told and they can have a powerful affect on us.
Let’s face it, there is a lot of excitement and fun to compete with in the world. Kids (and their parents) choose from all sorts of good, positive, quality experiences throughout the week: school activities, travel sports, art classes, music lessons,…
All of us at some point in our lives, realize that there isn’t really a boogie man or a monster under the bed or a devil on our shoulder whispering in our ear…which should be a relief, right?
I was taking my usual route, but I couldn’t finish it, because the river had flooded over the path. I could walk to a certain point and then I had to stop. I could see the other side
A while ago, I wrote a story about being brave and what it means. I am terrified of heights and I went zip-lining thinking I would conquer that fear. What I discovered is that sometimes particular fears we have never go away. They are always with us. But…
When I remember being at church as a kid, the first thing I think of is sunny days in the nursery with Ollie. She was a kind, gentle, constant woman, who took care of the children in our church for nearly 40 years.